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Loan Company New Clients Telemarketing Leads

29 July 2014

Price $36.00
Telemarketing Call Center Is Now Open For Business! ==> LOAN COMPANY CLIENT LEADS & MORTGAGE LEADS -> TELEMARKETING SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE -- Telemarketing Call Center provides the Telemarketing Advantage for your LOAN COMPANY and MORTGAGE BROKERAGE- office headquarters, corporation, enterprise, professional practice, etc., by capturing NEW LOAN CLIENTS and NEW MORTGAGE BROKERAGE CUSTOMERS Via Cold Call, Live Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Campaigns. Our Call Center is:-> USA TELEMARKETING SERVICE: 844-807-9502 ~ E.A. KINON- phone room director; operates 17 hours-a-day, five days-a-week, enabling us to reach your target audience anywhere in the United States and Canada; USA TELEMARKETING SERVICE, Phone Room Center has a proven track record ( established 1992 ) of successful New LOAN CLIENTS and New MORTGAGE CUSTOMER TELEMARKETING CAMPAIGNS for over 22 years now; our market research department compiles, potential customer calling lists of Verifiable Sales Leads and future Live Sales Appointments: And Then Diligently Cold Calls them! === Appointment Setting is our main goal: where our telemarketers will book your sales appointment calendar FULL! ~> To find out more about our Successful New Loan Clients Leads and New Mortgage Leads, Appointment-Setting Telemarketing Campaigns: Please contact: USA TELEMARKETING: 844-807-9502 ~ E.A. KINON- phone room director " Loan-Mortgage Telemarketing Works- Let Us Make It Work For You " Please contact: USA TELEMARKETING: 844-807-9502 ~ E.A. KINON- phone room director

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